Why buy Youtube subscribers ?

The idea of buying You Tube subscribers might seem a little odd but we can assure you that it’s part of the game. You see channels all around You Tube with thousands and even millions of subscribers but how did they get the ball rolling? Not all of these people were lucky. Most of them got the ball rolling by purchasing You Tube subscribers from online social media marketing websites.
Benefits Of Buying You Tube Subscribers

Buying You Tube subscribers can benefit you in a few different ways. The most important way it helps your channel is to help it look established to new potential subscribers. The fact of the matter is that most people do judge books by their covers. You might have great video content but if you are lacking a subscriber base most will write you off as amateur and move on. You might be saying to yourself “but I’m new to You Tube!”, but unfortunately it doesn’t matter. Buying You Tube subscribers in the beginning is the secret to getting your channel rolling

What are the benefits of buying Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers ?

Buying Facebook fans, Twitter followers and other services gives your social media accounts the boost they need to begin attracting attention and seeing results. Let’s face it – a fan page or Twitter account sporting a few hundred fans and followers isn’t impressive these days. You need numbers to impress and high fan counts and followers are social proof you have a viable business or an impressive fanbase.

Today, the majority of online marketers agree that having a lot of Facebook fans and Twitter followers gives your business a competitive advantage in search results, rankings across social networking sites – and most importantly – social credibility. People aren’t looking to the Better Business Bureau to validate your business, they’re searching online.

Note to artists/musicians – You are a business!

What method of payment do we accept?

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards through our secure payment processor http://www.2checkout.com

Do you need admin credentials to my accounts ?

Absolutely not! We can handle any social media marketing campaign without admin credentials or passwords! We will never ask you for your password. We only require the url of your Fan page or Twitter profile. Delivery of video views, subscribers and likes only requires the url of your video. That’s it! We have examples on the product pages to walk you through ordering.

Will my account get banned ?

We have successfully delivered countless orders; thousands of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, video views, “likes” and everything in between – and we’ve never had an account suspended. We take pride in providing a marketing service for our customers that is not only effective, but entirely safe.

How do you acquire the traffic that will be engaging with my video/fanpage etc?

We are an established media marketing agency with a network of media holdings, sites, traffic exchanges, and strategic partners. Our team has developed a unique method of marketing and acquiring Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Instagram, SoundCloud, Reverbnation and more. Our methods and processes are kept proprietary, but you can rest assured we strictly adhere to the policies set forth by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram SoundCloud and the various other media sites our services cover. We gradually acquire our clients a steady stream of traffic over the course of their personalized campaign

What type of pages and/or profiles will you not accept?

We will not accept Facebook pages, Twitter pages or other social media accounts that promote hate, bullying, contain pornography, promote gambling, drug use, tobacco, guns or spamming of any kind. Our service cannot be used to promote Facebook APP pages and Facebook GROUP pages. We reserve the right to disapprove any account that we feel does not sufficiently meet our standard of quality.

Do you work with Resellers and/or offer wholesale pricing?

Yes but only for YouTube Views & Twitter Fans. Contact us with your requirements for a generous discount on high volumes

What does ISEO stand for?

Internet Search Engine Optimization – but you knew that already :D™

The importance of Youtube views.

Getting into the world of online marketing, or just trying to get your name out there in general, is getting harder and harder these days. With people becoming desensitized to media hype, it’s important to make sure that your message is heard. This is especially true if you are trying to launch a campaign on YouTube. Sometimes, it helps if you buy your first bunch of views. Sound ludicrous? It’s not. Here are five good reasons why everyone should consider getting their first couple thousand of views this way.

There really is a bandwagon effect when it comes to online marketing. People are more likely to view a YouTube video if others have viewed it before them. Large numbers of views, especially in a short amount of time, tends to be a signal to viewers that it’s quality content. So, many people will be more willing to watch your YouTube video if they see that you have a high number of watches.
Higher numbers of views tend to make people feel better about sharing it. Viewers also are more likely to share a video with a high number of views because of the fact that they feel like it will be more appreciated. After all, plenty of people feel like it’s trendy to share videos that are just starting to go viral, which in turn can add fuel to your marketing fire.
More views tends to improve your ranking on search engines, and we aren’t just talking about YouTube. Google’s newest algorithm really relies heavily on human interaction with the content and pages that are going to be displayed by it. By having more views to your YouTube videos, you can make it easier to reach higher rankings on search engines around the world. (Type ‘promote your youtube channel’ into Google.com and our video is on the 1st page) Why? – Because we sent over 30k viewers to it.
A frequently viewed YouTube video can be a good way to get organic traffic to your website. Just make sure to add a caption that tells your viewers to visit your site via a link that you place in your video’s description. More views to your video can mean more views to your site, which in turn can create more sales.
You’d be amazed at what a video that is high in view numbers can do for your image, or at the very least your company’s image. Everyone has heard about people whose careers were springboarded into fame thanks to YouTube. A viral video can seriously impact your career and your renown in your field, so if you want to get more people to talk about you, this is the best way to go about it. By buying YouTube views, you help boost your own online reputation by getting more people interested in what you have to say.

There are plenty of companies and individuals out there that have gotten great results by buying YouTube views. If you want to take the leap, then by all means do – prices for YouTube views have never been lower!

What are Social Media Shares?

In our Popular, Famous, Celebrity & Trailblazer promotions, your video is shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, StumbleUpon and several other similar websites.

The users who see your video will be targetted by us according to your style of music, type of product or matched with the niche of your movie content. Social Media Shares are an excellent way of getting your videos onto these platforms and if people like what they see, they may continue to share it for many weeks or months! We have been getting nothing but positive comments from customers regarding these shares. We are very happy to provide this very effective promotional tool and we think it’s here to stay.

Order status

Many people ask about order status showing as ‘processing’. This indicates that your campaign is in progress.

Order status goes from Pending -> Processing -> Complete