How To Increase Security Of Your Facebook Page

Facebook invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 has revolutionized the arena of social networking. No social network site has been as popular as  facebook. People could make new acquaintances, find their soul mates, come forward for a cause, post employment news and what not! Post the inception of facebook, some people even termed this era as the ‘facebook age.’

We all know that there are two sides of a coin. Like the age-old debate whether technology is a boon or a bane, technological inventions like facebook are also not without faults. In fact, scientists have even prompted that the number of facebook users will substantially decrease by 2017. The most dangerous thing about this social networking site is that there is a lot of chance of getting deceived by fake identities. Perhaps this is the reason why some people call it ‘fakebook!’ Hacking facebook accounts has become the order of the day. Maximum numbers of facebook users complain about their accounts getting hacked or alteration of useful data on their accounts or communicating with a person you are least interested to interact with. In extreme cases, you may even get robbed online by manipulation of your account details. Sometimes offensive pictures are also uploaded in place of your display picture on facebook page which can be devastating for your social or professional profile. The technical problem like slowing down your computers can also happen if you are new to networking sites and click on anything that appears on your Facebook page.

Despite all the criticisms, we got to admit that this is one of a kind social media site and that protecting our personal facebook accounts is completely our responsibility. Few tricks to guard your facebook account are as follows—

Create difficult passwords

It has been recorded that most of the Facebook users keep simple words as their passwords so that they can remember. It is needless to mention that, this gives an easy access to even the stupidest of hackers. Hence a combination of letters, numerical, signs etc will make it a little difficult to break. You can try out a few words from a book’s title or even a music track.

Interact with known people only

It is true that human beings have always been inclined to explore what is unknown. This can produce ominous results if you constantly communicate with strangers. Press on the ‘Account’ at the upper right hand corner of your facebook page and select ‘Privacy Settings.’ Make sure that all your settings or personal information are reverted to ‘Friends only.’ It is a different case if you are using facebook for a promotional online or sharing the details of a social cause. You can use ‘Custom settings’ and modify your settings mentioning few info to selective people only.

List your friends

Added to the above mentioned method of safety, you can go on further sorting and placing your friends with the help of ‘List’ option. In order to make little info available to only a few people, you can mark your friends as ‘Best friends’, ‘Acquaintances,’ ‘Colleagues’ and ‘Family.’ For example, you may not want to showcase the candid pictures of your bachelor party to the professional people or your colleagues. So you can simply make it visible to your ‘Best friends.’
Go to ‘Account’ and press on ‘Edit friends’ and then choose ‘Create a list’ and list your friends accordingly. You can further mark the picture or a post and choose only few people who can view them. You can also add a new friend to your selected list right after accepting his/her friend request.

Alter info available to all

You can select ‘Privacy settings’ and visit ‘Connecting on facebook’ in order to make specific info available only to specific people. For instance, you can alter and make ‘See pictures’ visible to ‘Friends only’ instead of ‘Everyone.’

Always use secure connections

The ironical thing is that facebook page although claims to be your personal profile, automatically does not use any secure network. This will be a cakewalk for the hackers to hack your profile if you are using community Wi-Fi connection. You can make your connection secure by clicking on ‘Account’ and selecting ‘Account Settings.’ Beneath the ‘Settings’ button, click on ‘Account Security’ and choose ‘Secure Browsing.’ Then select ‘Save.’
Knock! Knock! Who’s there?
Facebook enables you to check whoever logs into your account via your mobile, laptop or desktop. To access this, visit ‘Settings below “Account Settings.” Select ‘Account Security’ again. Examine ‘Send me an email’ beneath ‘Login Notifications’ and ‘Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone’ below ‘Login Approvals’ so that only restricted systems can log into your profile.

Limit Apps entree

Most people make use of the apps sent to us by friends or otherwise. Try to restrict this. To make out the difference which apps have been sent, go to ‘Privacy Settings’ and move to ‘Apps and Websites’ on the lowest left hand corner of the page.
Select ‘Edit Settings’ for ‘Apps you use.’ You will be able to see all the enlisted apps, which have made entree into your facebook page. You can go on tapping the Cross (X) beside every app, so that you can get rid of every unwanted app.
You can also find out the apps sent to you by your friends or acquaintances and delete them. Once again visit ‘Apps and Websites’ and then ‘Edit Settings.’ You will find ‘Info accessible through your friends’ and undo every choice that you do not wish your friend’s apps to get access to. Then go on to ‘Save.’

Posts on wall

You must be really disturbed with all the wall posts that you keep getting from unfamiliar faces. You can change this so that you can allow only friends to like photos, post or comment straight on your wall. Do this by visiting ‘Privacy Settings’ and clicking on ‘Customize Settings’. Search for ’Friends can post on my wall’ and cancel ‘Enable’.

Customize who all see your profile

You can turn invisible to strangers on facebook. Go to ’Connecting on Facebook’ below ‘Privacy Settings’. Select ‘View Settings’. In place of ‘Search for you on Facebook’ change it to ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Friends of Friends’.
Disallow ads
To stop receiving unnecessary ads on your page, select ‘Account Settings’ and then choose ‘Facebook Ads’. Change ‘Edit social ads settings’ to ‘No one’. Tap on ‘Save Changes’.
By following these simple steps, you can safely use Facebook.